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Increased Production, Reduced Downtime, Enhanced Safety Reputation

"Your boats are only as good as the people who operate them"

At Workboat Safety International the goal is to improve safety for offshore crews through a more hands-on approach to training and assessment in the actual workplace. This is both cost-effective for your company and convenient for your crew.

Evaluating competence in high-risk tasks must be done by persons with the same skill set and experience.

"Over a period of time competency can deteriorate due to less exposure to the skill, stepping out of recognised procedures or the formation of bad habits, each company should ensure competency is maintained by carrying out periodic evaluation and refresher training on its small-boat crews."

(International Association of Geophysical Contractors Guidelines 2013)

Workboat Safety International believes a small group of highly experienced people can make a positive difference in the way marine crews operate so everyone goes home safe.

Karl Bradbury

Karl Bradbury

I have experience working at sea on vessels ranging from superyachts to military transports and supply vessels. Working over a 2 year period for a training provider, specialising in the delivery of FRB and Lifeboat courses, I could see the gap between the level of competency in training and the offshore industry requirements. In response, Workboat Safety International offers consultancy, assessments and training to improve operational performance and safety.

Train One, Save Many

"I have no hesitation in recommending Karl Bradbury and Workboat Safety International if you are looking to train or refresh a crew in the operation of small boats at sea."

-Michael Kevin Simpson (Marine Seismic Consultant)

"Karl proved to be a very capable and conscientious Small Boat Coxswain, as a Driver, Maintenance Operative and a Trainer of Coxswains. His training program covered maintenance of both the Fast Rescue Craft and Seismic Work Boat, their Davits, Launch and Recovery Methods, Driving the boats in routine transfers and complex seismic equipment operations."

-John Roberts (Master (Retired) Polarcus Alima)

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