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The previous article published on a recent FRC incident created some interesting comments and I hope contributes in some way to keeping safety of crews fresh in people’s minds.
Attached is another report published by the IAGC last year regarding an incident involving an FRC Capsize that was easily avoidable. I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions as to the results of this report; mine are much the same as to the last one I commented on. I am posting these articles to create greater awareness of safety for small boat crews as well as promote my own business, not to point a finger at the crews themselves.
I must have done over a thousand FRC and workboat launches over the years and have confidence in my ability to do so safely. That does not mean to say I could not have done better in some instances, any Coxswain who tells you he has never made a mistake is a danger to himself and others.
I recently launched an FRC after a 6 month period away from work, weather conditions were good and the 2 crew on board experienced guys I had worked with previously. Whilst there was no major issue retrieving the boat I know I could have bought it alongside better, the hookman was slow to get us hooked up and the Bosun who was new to the vessel gave us a bit of a rough ride up. Things can change quickly in the real world.
These operations take considerable skill and seamanship for experienced operators, for the crewman who does a refresher course for one day every 4 years and then perhaps launches a FRC or workboat in calm water occasionally the chance of having a major incident is greatly increased.
If you see the problem, have Workboat Safety be part of the solution.