Content is everything apparently when it comes to marketing. Not so much the quality but the quantity of information that goes out to be seen and heard. I find receiving constant updates from organizations has me moving for the delete button, too much information. Workboat Safety International has a limited reach partly due to the fact we don’t post constant updates, our aim is simply to improve safety through practical application. We won’t post unless there is something we know is of value.

What has this to do with restricted information? A couple of previous Workboat Safety Int. articles made reference to reports released by the International Association of Geophysical Contractors. The Marine Seismic industry has a vast amount of exposure to small boat operations. A Fast Rescue Craft or Workboat is launched on a regular basis during Seismic production whilst the vessel is underway. Operations include personnel transfers, in sea maintenance and emergency drills. This experience is valuable to the rest of the maritime industry as lessons learnt from incidents during small boat operations are applicable wherever small boat operations take place.

Until recently this information was a public resource available to anyone with an interest in safety, unfortunately this information has now been restricted by the IAGC to members only. The incidents reported do not reveal the companies involved or name individuals so as to encourage reporting and assist with a no blame culture.

Restricting this information does nothing to promote health and safety, it simply ensures that the lessons learnt will stay within one sector of the Maritime industry. An opportunity lost by an organization to be seen as the leader in promoting both transparency and safety, I hope they will reconsider.